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Matkasur says hello -Tadoba 4

Tiger Trails and Tall Tales – Episode Four 

The big male, after a sumptuous meal of the earlier day’s kill is taking a late afternoon siesta, resting in the shadow of the bushes. Thirst and heat disturb his nap, so he reluctantly decides to soak in the waterhole. Moving swiftly, he rushes to the waterhole and lies down comfortably in a corner. Being late arrivals for the party, our jeep is positioned way back, far away from the view point.

Try as we might, nothing much is visible, except the heads of the people in the jeeps in front of us. We request the jeeps adjacent to give us some space to move ahead. Moving out of the jam, our driver veers the jeep again towards the waterhole, albeit from a longer distance. Through the long grass on the edge of the waterhole, we see the hazy outline of a male tiger lying prone in the water. In a moment of inspired insanity, I scramble up to the top of the jeep, camera in hand and manage to balance on the rods.

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As if on cue, Matkasur turns his head ever slow slightly, presenting a genial profile, more like a friendly neighborhood cat than a fierce tiger. The expression in the big round face shows sheer bliss. You are dumbstruck and gape at the sheer size and majesty, before the right forefinger automatically adjusts the camera settings.

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