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Morning greetings from Choti Madhu!! -Tadoba 9

Tiger Trails and Tall Tales – Episode Nine 

It was a pleasant morning of day four as we set off on the tiger trail in the buffer zone.  It was our penultimate ride in Tadoba. One more in the afternoon and we would we signing off. We already had a bagful of memories, stories to share and enough sightings to make our friends green with envy. But the universe had other plans.

We drove along the metalled road some distance before we veered into the trail paths and were in for a big surprise. Choti Madhu partly hidden in the high grass was sunning herself close to the main pathway. It was as close as you can get. A mere 20 odd feet separated us from the beauty. An open jeep, a tigress at touching distance is an awe inspiring sight. Suddenly it let out a big yawn and you could see the huge canines up close and the big pink tongue hanging down. The eyes feasted and the fingers went trigger happy on the powerful profile in front of us.

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By this time the news had spread and more vehicles moved in. The tigress feeling uneasy, got up and started walking away from us along the path, moved towards the bushes on the opposite side and stayed put.  After some time she moved out briefly into the open trail before disappearing into the bushes once again. She turned towards our jeep from within the undergrowth, gave a brief stare for the camera and then continued her way deeper into the woodlands. Choti Madhu made our day.

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