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Gaurs – Indian Bisons, Gentle Giants -Tadoba 7

Tiger Trails and Tall Tales – Episode Seven 

It was a hot and blazing afternoon as we hit the trail paths of the buffer zone in quest of Madhuri and her cubs. We were feeling the heat despite the breeze. Enough precautions were taken at the outset to ensure that the camera and lenses were safely covered. After getting more than a heavy dose of Vitamin D, good enough for a few months, the consensus decided to call it quits and head for shooting some herbivores.

Our quest led us from one place to another. While moving towards one such waterhole, we had a “close encounter of the Gaur kind”. Imagine a giant bodybuilder with a large head. Further imagine him on steroids. You will get an idea of a wild gaur. Well the specimen posted below will make even this imaginary human giant appear a puny pygmy.

Standing well above 6 ft, weighing nearly a tonne, with a massive head, chunky torso and an eye popping shoulder ridge, he embodied power and strength. Despite such a heavy physique, the Gaur easily negotiates and sprints effortlessly through forest woodlands and rough terrains. That it just feeds on grass and builds such an imposingly magnificent physique is one of the wonders of creation. We cautiously moved closer to his territory, lest the beast in him decides to toss up to high heaven. This gave us some amazing frames of this giant herbivore.

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Allowing him to feed in peace we moved ahead and chanced to meet the sambars and barking deer. The nice jungle backdrop and evening light presented a pleasing picture for the photographer in us. The sun which had shifted westward was dipping lower and the light was turning yellowish orange.

Meanwhile news of Madhuri being sighted filtered in and the chase was on.

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